hey, i'm brit 

Meet Brit

Meet Brit

welcome to off the beaten ave and thanks for checking out my [very-much-forever-in-the-works] blog! my goal with this project is to portray not only the ups and downs of living in new york city, the amazing eats, drinks, and places to see, but to show a side that not everyone is privy to. the side of the city that is off the beaten ave (see what i did there?). this is a place where i can share what i've personally experienced and talk about everything from a  $12 glass of red with stained lips, to a two hour hot yoga detox, and from a burger topped bloody mary to a discovery of the best thrift stores in the east village.

i want to make this a place for all things extraordinary that new york has to offer, but also show that it isn't the glamorous place 100% of the time that so many people falsely imagine it to be. a place like this is filled with amazing people, places, and things to do and see, but it's also a place you have to put your all into in order to get something out of it. new york isn't going to offer you something you haven't earned, and i'm hoping to show you a little about a place i now call home.  new york has lead me to discover not only the best happy hour deals, but forced me to be the most independent version of myself.

thanks for stopping by!

xx brit