should we fear, fear?

i overheard someone talking about fear the other day.

they seemed pretty into it, and i didn't want to eavesdrop tooo the only full phrase of theirs i heard was 'to embrace fear'.

from the time you’re little and- well for me the first time i remember comprehending what fear was, was when i saw a movie you might recall, with a certain shark and a few key musical notes that are pretty damn distinct.

but anyway, from the time you’re very little, this type of fear is all encompassing of the word. the emotions follow suit with no question or second thought. you're just plain fearful.

you want it out of your mind, your body. you’d run away from fear if it embodied itself as a tangible figure. you (i) would knock fear over the head if we could, bc fear for me is every scary movie made.

but what if we were taught differently?

what if we accepted fear. and no, not the fear that we grew up with like monsters, scary movies and such- but accepted the fears that are more intangible. what if we took fear in, developed it, tried to understand it, let it stay awhile. what would happen?

what if there is a good type of fear. a type you can shift into motivation, progress, growth.

the fear of failing, of being made fun of, falling in love.

the fear of just being shit at something.

fear of letting people down, letting yourself down, of not trying. fear of succeeding and needing to continue to follow through and be great. fear of being rejected, judged, different.

i really think you need a certain amount of this type of fear in order to challenge yourself. if you’re never slightly fearful, it would be really difficult to find and push your own limits.

so when this stranger told his friend that his advice is to embrace your fears, it started to make more sense to me after awhile.

instead of shutting out this thing that could drive us, push us to the edge, force us to look inside of ourselves and truly grow, why wouldn’t we welcome it in and try to hear what it has to say?