fall, you are my favorite color

fall means all things beautiful. all things beautiful except for the layers of pumpkin bread, chocolate, mulled wine, and warm pasta dishes that are piling up under my oversized sweater. buuuut that's besides the point, and to me all those things are beautiful because mulled wine is delicious and i love all things pumpkin flavored- so sue me.

the trees, the smells (yes even new york smells decent during the fall), the decorations, people not complaining about the cold yet, activities you can do outside without passing out of a heat stroke, ALL those amazing things. yes, fall is obviously the best in new york.

i may only be slightly biased.

among fall being the best time to cuddle up with holiday movies and hot chocolate, it's also the best time to peel yourself up from the couch you've melted into (helloooo that's me and i just recently found out how good shameless is, so im out of commission) and get the hell out there- before you can't. if you're lucky enough to live in a warm place where it's nice all year, i do envy you BUT you also can't walk outside your door and see this...

okok. i'm a total liar, this isn't right outside my door. i have to ride the subway for 30 minutes to see this. i can't believe i've spent years not experiencing an actual fall season. so if you're somewhere warm come visit, if you're somewhere cold other than new york find things to do because i won't be visiting you, and if you're in new york, keep reading to see some favs of mine below:

*side note, this is just a short list and they'll be longer posts on most of these to follow :)

  • ice skating: will you be surrounded by punky highschoolers who knock you over while you're getting your 'ice-feet' back? 100%. will you look cute doing it? maybe, but maybe not. in all seriousness i am terrible at iceskating and there is probably a video of me out there looking like a stiff robot only barely inching my feet along the ice but i do still love it. im also one of those suckers who loves anything that is holiday-ish that i've seen done in movies.
  • mulled wine: had this for the first time last year and legit tastes like you're drinking every fall/winter holiday goodness in one cup. that was a poor description because you have no idea what i mean. cinnamon, sweet, warm, RED WINE. now you get it.
    • so many places around new york have this on their winter menu. ill be sure to update once i try them all and rate my favs. until then, it is really sweet so ill recommend only have one or two glasses. 
  • central park: just get there. especially in the fall and then again right after a snowfall. it's absolutely gorgeous and if you think it's portrayed well in movies, then you'll lose it when you actually see it in person. that could just be me and im super dramatic, but see it for yourself and tell me you don't at least smile for a minute before your fingers freeze off from taking pictures.
  • museums: since a lot of museums have discounts, or donation based entry for certain days of the month, they're great to start exploring especially once the weather gets a little too chilly to do outdoor activities. here is a decent list from Time Out New York of the free museum days.
  • speakeasys: i can't even begin to share my love of speakeasys in this post because then it'll be about 100 pages too long and you won't read it. so don't worry..i'll cover this topic extensively really soon.
  • holiday shops: union square, columbus circle, bryant park, chelsea market, astoria- all holiday shops with food and hot chocolate and little gifts that you'll buy your grandma that she'll never use. but actually- they do have some great shops for gifts like engraved jewelry, cute mugs (i'm a sucker for mugs), leather journals etc. see the list here and when they're open!
  • food tours: the one i have done is Foods of New York Tours. this is amazing for family that might be visiting or your significant others parents who might be visiting, or just anyone. it's with an experienced tour guide, who shows you around a specific part of manhattan. they go through the history of the area and point out the historical buildings, talk about events that go on there, and of course you sample food from restaurants in the area. i mean you can't lose. 

>>>that right there is butternut squash soup from one of the best restaurants i've been to in new york- Palma. my mouth is watering right now just looking at this because i remember how it tasted. i've been there on the food tour and the second time was for dinner and let me save this review, again, for another post because it's a place you really have to try. truffle gluten free fettuccine is all i'll leave you with.

now that i have a full list of fall activities to get to- i' starting things off by lugging a full size christmas tree through manhattan. on the subway.. to be continued..

xx brit