new york isn’t for everyone.

after three years in the beautiful place, i have to say i'm surprised every day at how much i love and enjoy this city. i haven't traveled many places, but as far as a place to live, nyc has really done it right. there are good days, even great. there are bad and stressful days when getting groceries is even a day long activity. but i wouldn't trade it. i find myself very grateful to have the opportunity to live here, grow here and experience this place. 

new york doesn’t give you anything you didn’t earn.

it doesn’t give free handouts, pats on the back, or good trys. it doesn’t give you an award for participation. new york doesn’t think you tried your best, it doesn’t actually care if you tried at all. in new york you have to work for everything you have, fight for it, have the balls to go for it. new york is loud and smells pretty terrible. it’s old and established and doesn’t have pity on you because winter is too cold. new york is thick skinned and has rigged edges. it shines in the summer and bunkers down in the winter. it appreciates the extremes. new york is very high highs and very low lows. it’s passion and creativity, numbers and planning. new york is freedom to be whoever and whatever the hell your heart desires. and if that changes every month or everyday, new york doesn’t judge you or hold it against you. it embraces the change. new york lives for the romance, wants to be part of your grand plan your epic adventure. 

new york made me more sarcastic and cynical, more caring and accepting, made me love harder, mean what i say, laugh louder, made me think more, cry more and pushed me to my limits. it may sound cliche or sappy or annoying to you, but new york made me more me than I've ever been. 

new york makes me fall more in love every single day.

and for that, new york, i thank you. 

xx brit