coffee obsession - lower east side edition

soooo it’s the april and our poor weather cannot get it together.

i’m obsessed (unreasonably obsessed) with weather so i look it up 25/7 to see when the hell we’re going to be blessed with more than a week of spring weather in nyc before it gets sauna hot. still tbd on when global warming is going to throw us a bone and keep it at a sunny 60 degrees. i’ll keep ya updated.

in an effort to will the warm weather to the northeast i’ve started to get together some of my fav spring time/ nice weather places and restaurants to get myself in the mood. if you live here or are planning on visiting nyc before the dreadful heat of mid june hits us, this will be the perfect list to get you started! buuuuut that’s on it’s way and for now i’m going to share a few of my fav coffee shops in the lower east side & east village to get work done at.

disclaimer-- i’m a complete SUCKER for cute decor and blogger-esque coffee shops. i’m so annoying. but the LES is the perfect place to find some great spots that have all the best coffee, tea, and avo toast your little heart could desire. most located in LES and one in east village and are places i frequent when i want to bring my computer & get work done. don’t get me wrong there are tons of coffee shops and so many places that fit the bill for this, so there’s a more general list to come!

--ludlow coffee supply:

they supply the whole block (ludlow st) with coffee so you know it’s gotta be good. besides that they have herbal teas, incredible decor, the best jams, and of course avo toast on the menu.

i can’t comment on the avo toast yet because i’m currently in a “complicated relationship” w avo toast (more on that in another post) and hopefully i can indulge and give you all the deets soon. this place is my newest obsession and i feel like such a groupie. the entry is the coffee shop with long tables (& outlets HELL YA) as well as a couple cute tables in the windows. walk in the back and what used to be an old barber shop is now equipped with comfy chairs, a marble barber counter and some records.


--why not coffee:

the Toby’s Estate Coffee is great, there’s selection of different milks for you to add in if you’re into that which is great because normally places charge you extra for almond milk.. annoying i know. the avo toast is 100% one of my favorites especially from a coffee shop. You have three different options to pick from- lemon black pepper, tomato basil, or chili. & def pay for the egg on top. selection of pastries and other croissant sammys if you’re hungry after spending the better half of a sunday there. they PACK this place full so literally if you’re not first you’re last and not getting a seat. they have a record player (always incredible music) and a couple couches in the front with two seater tables throughout. also outlets all over the damn place thank you outlet gods.

--spreadhouse cafe:

i would sneak in this place in the middle of the night and steal all their rugs if i could. just look at it you don’t need me to convince you of the incredible aesthetic. the music is on point (but kinda loud usually so keep that in mind if you’re not in the mood for that) coffee is good and i can’t comment on any pastries but im going there for the rugs anyway. plenty of outlets and they serve wine and beer as well. i’ve been a couple times but after doing some research to confirm they do unfortunately only offer one hour of free wifi which is SUPER depressing. can’t be a coffee shop with limits like that. maybe they’ll read this and feel my outrage but maybe not. on any note, it’s a cool place to hangout and catch up with a friend at….you don’t need wifi for that.

--el rey:

when it’s nice out this place takes the cake. It’s super tiny but they have great seating at the front window which is wide open on a nice day. supposedly one of the best avo toasts in LES but i’ll keep you updated on this rating when i go on my next avo bender. or try it & let me know!!

everything from coffee to wine and they are open for bfast lunch and dinner (BONUS). yes, their menu is pricy but i beg to remind you this is nyc and you can stop in to split a dish and everything will be fine.

--blue bottle coffee:

if you live in nyc and haven’t had this get there. yes it will cost you over $4 for this drink but the New Orleans iced coffee is the stuff songs are written about. that’s a little much- but actually delicious. they just opened in LES and i’m surprised that they did but very stoked. the tables are smaller than i’d like but i won’t complain because they’re fueling my caffeine addiction.


so so love this place. business in the front party in the back...literally. a cute coffee shop right off ave B that has everything you could want. walk into the seating area of the coffee shop, walk a little further back and there are huge couches plenty of outlets to ensure you can spend an ungodly amount of time there. THEN, as if it could get any better i mean outlets are a huge sell, there’s a bar in the back through two huge barn doors. great seating there as well, plenty of great beers on tap and wine/ mixed drinks for if you’re feeling frisky. they have tvs in there for when there are games on and again plenty of outlets in the bar area too. love this place because i feel like it’s tough to find a bar you can drink at alone and get work done LOL that’s a great sentence. anyway go here day or night whether you’re on your computer or getting a drink with friends. love love love. K done.

so those are some of the coffee shops i frequent when i need to get some writing done or pretend to be "researching".

off to stuff my face with brown rice pasta topped with trader joe's nutritional yeast..don't knock it till you try it.

xx brit

inception...i think that's what they call this.

inception...i think that's what they call this.