true life: i'm obsessed with breakfast.

happy end of the long weekend! hopefully you had today off and could indulge in some last minute you time and cook up a nice batch of meals before another week on the grind starts up!

today i'm sharing three of my FAV weekend breakfasts. i'm going wi weekend breakfasts because unless you're a super morning person and can leisurely take your time making pancakes, i feel like this is more sunday morning-ish. don't freakout, you can still make this in record speed. you just might want to take your time enjoying them bc they’re so damn goooood.

these are all relatively simple meals because who has time to cook (especially breakfast) with 1 million ingredients? not i. if you follow me on any social media you've probably seen me make one or all three of these things because i like what i like so there isn't much variation in my weekend eats.

#1. obviously avocado toast

this is my favorite thing...ever. the amount of times i make this should be illegal. i love it and it’s the perfect amount of everything delicious to start off the day. the hardest part about this recipe is finding the perfectly ripe avocado. yes i know i still struggle with this too.


this cracks me up every single time. because it's the truest true there is.

this cracks me up every single time. because it's the truest true there is.

  • ghee
  • one whole ripe avocado
  • two pieces of toast
  • two eggs
  • spices & lemon for mash


  • feta
  • additional spices mentioned below

two servings


1. grab your perfectly ripe avocado and scoop it into a bowl. personally i love a lot of spices in mine but you can add any of the following (or put a new twist on it): cayenne pepper, touch of pink himalayan sea salt, lemon, dash of EVOO, and sometimes i go crazy and add garlic powder.

2. toast your bread of choice. i've been eating ezekiel bread forever so that's what im sticking with. BUT i recently tried the sweet potato avocado toast and if i'm treating myself that's what i'd go with- here's the recipe. still super easy.

3. mix it all up and top your toasted bread.

4. i'll either do a quick scramble of two eggs (egg whites and yolk) with ghee or an over easy egg.

5. top everything with a sprinkle of feta (and frank's hot sauce) and enjoy!

*none of the spices i put in here are measured. just add as little or as much as you want!

#2: not your mom's banana pancakes

this recipe makes me feel like a rockstar because not only does my body think i’m indulging in a crazy breakfast choice but it’s so healthy i could eat the entire batch and not blink an eye. i first saw this recipe on pinterest and i thought it was ridiculous. no way would this work or taste delicious. thank god i was proven wrong. Since then, i’ve seen that some of my favorite food bloggers and lifestyle bloggers (the skinny confidential) have been making these forever!


  • ghee
  • ripe banana
  • two eggs
  • teaspoon of chia seeds
  • cinnamon


  • nut butter
  • agave or syrup
  • mashed berries: blueberries, raspberries, blackberries

one or two servings. if you’re hungry definitely one because the ingredients are healthy and completely acceptable for a full breakfast.


1. mash up the medium ripe banana

2. scramble two eggs in a bowl, add mashed banana and one teaspoon of chia seeds

3. mix well and put in fridge- i do this for a couple minutes so that the chia seeds have a second to soak in some of the “batter”

4. heat pan on medium heat and add small amount of ghee. Just enough so that the pan is covered. I’ve started using this instead of cooking spray or oil but you only need a little!

5. pour batter on the pan in small sand dollar sized pours

6. let cook a couple minutes until the outer edges are cooked and then flip. The ghee will help these crisp up so that they’re more like regular pancakes

7. if you’re using an older pan just make sure that it’s not toooo hot and you’re adding a little more ghee in between large batches

8. top with whatever you’d like! I add mashed berries and a TON of cinnamon to mine. my boyf has the preference of adding peanut butter which tastes great if it’s a little melted. mmmhmm.

#3: collagen acai bowl

i used to just make regular acai bowl, but this collagen powder i promise you has zero taste and i've seen a difference in my skin which has convinced me to get onboard the collagen train.



  • chia seeds
  • hemp hearts
  • blueberries
  • almonds

one serving


1. add acai pack, frozen banana, spinach, collagen and almond milk to your blender.

2. once blended transfer to bowl and top with seeds, nuts, and additional fruit.
This one is probably the easiest because it’s just a thicker smoothie but you’ll want to sit and enjoy the masterpiece you just created instead of just slurping it up through a straw.

so that's it! that's all i ever eat! kidding- but just some of the things i like to make during the weekend instead of always running down to the bodega and getting a greasy bacon egg & cheese. let me know what you think and they'll be some week-day breakfast favorites to follow!