the pizza post

surprise surprise, i’m a pizza lover, as most people living in nyc are. so naturally one of the hardest things to adjust was my bi-weekly pizza cravings while cutting way back on dairy and gluten because well, those are two of the best food groups and just happen to be pizza’s main components. sigh.

i was going to write about cutting out dairy and gluten but that’s boring and there are 100 other blog posts people have written about how much better they feel, how clear their skin is, no more bloat, the list goes on. so yes, go right on and read those and then make your own decisions.

i definitely didn’t WANT to give these two loves up (or cut down because honestly i do have them on occasion because i like the finer things in life) but it is in hopes of eliminating some of my everlasting stomach problems. *disclaimer that if you do have an allergy / sensitivity and your doctor tells you 100% not to eat those probably shouldn’t. mine recommended cutting it out and i have felt better when i cautiously stay away from those things.

end rant.

instead of writing about the struggles or how i do still *accidentally* go to a restaurant that doesn’t have gluten free pasta, i wanted to share some alternatives to our dearly beloved if you are on a similar food journey/ elimination phase.

if you follow me on IG my stories are primarily food, yes i eat at least 3 meals and yes i will usually take a picture of them but i want to start showing more of those details.

below are the main crusts, cheeses and sauce that I’ve been using/ have tried. As you can see not all are created equal- some are gluten free and dairy free, some soy free, some include dairy or soy blah blah blah. so look at the ingredients before you buy to make sure it’s right for you.


tips i use when searching:

  • dairy free & gluten free preferably for crust

  • soy free (i personally don’t like soy products but if you do then fab)

  • i like to be able to split the pizza. I eat a lot, i know this but if there’s a chance where i can split the pizza and still feel satisfied, that’s a win.

  • i don’t make my own cauliflower crust so when i find this i usually stalk up. I’m lazy and i tried making it twice w zero success.

  • i look at the sugar content, but i don’t go crazy because again, im eating pizza for gods sake i knew it wasn’t going to be the healthiest thing.

  • dairy free cheese shreds freeze well. since you have to use them within a certain period of tie keep an eye on this and freeze when you’re not using.


  • Trader joes califlower pizza crust

    • gluten free, dairy free.

    • May contain traces of milk.

    • 6 servings, 80 calories per. Total calories 480 (crust only)

    • **my favorite.

  • Udi's personal gluten free crusts

    • gluten free, dairy free

    • Servings, calories per. Total calories (crust only)

    • Pack of 2

    • One crust: 2 servings, 190 per. Total calories 380 (crust only)

  • Capello’s naked pizza crust

    • gluten free, paleo.

    • Contains eggs, milk and tree nuts (coconut).

    • 3 servings, 270 calories per. Total calories 810 (crust only)

  • Amy’s Spinach Pizza

    • gluten free dairy free.

    • soy-based mozzarella and ricotta cheeses

    • 3 servings, 350 calories per. Total calories 1,050

  • Against the grain

    • gluten free, not dairy free

    • 5 servings, 260 calories per. Total calories 1,300 (crust only)


Dairy Free Cheese:

  • Daiya Foods

    • A lot of options here, my whole foods doesn’t have too many i usually get the motz.

  • Kite Hill

    • my favvvvvv. their chive cream cheese spread is amazing. You do have to use it within 7 days because it gets pretty gross after. I put this on pizza, pasta, crackers, tacos….everything (this is a spread not a shredded cheese)

    • i don’t love their yogurt though, this does hurt my stomach but tastes completely different than the spread.

  • Miyoko’s

    • i just tried this so i need to give it another go. It wasn’t as great as i had hoped and i dont think it melted as good as the daiya one i use. will try it again though and their website has a lot of varieties that look delish.

  • So Delicious

    • does melt, obviously not like real cheese you have to be able to get past that with any dairy free cheese. but this one has a good flavor as well.


  • Rao’s

    • Low sugar, delish, real ingredients, yes yes yes.

    • When i’m eating low fodmap i use the Sensitive sauce. It doesn’t have garlic or onion which is irritating for some people and still has a great consistency. I rec just adding in a ton of basil, oregano and red pepper.

**for all crust, cook on each side and make sure it's cooked through before adding toppings. add toppings and i usually just broil for a couple minutes so everything melts together.**


so there you have it. i do definitely prefer gluten full pizza, melty cheese, all the goods, but the above is a great way to make due with some restrictions.

let me know if there’s a killer crust, cheese, or sauce you’ve found! always looking to spice it up and who knows maybe this bog will turn into just pizza reviews…..

xx brit