winter is coming...but actually.

how is this happening rn?!?! someone told me the other day that summer was over and i laughed. i laughed until i realized that it is in fact labor day next week and i 1. don't have a tan 2. will be working on my summer body well into winter 3. still have summer reading i want to do 4. don't understand how time works and why it's speeding up. don't get me wrong, fall is my ALL TIME FAV but i don't think i'm quite ready for summer to say it's goodbye.

it's definitely flown by but it's been great. i've had time to spend with family friends, got to the beach a bit more, finally got curtains for my apartment after a whole year, started a new job, traveled a little. ALL THE GOODS. i also really never know what i'm going to get w summer. it could be super busy or super chill and this one was a nice mix of both.

luckily sean and i got out of the city for a quick little trip to massachusetts which was ever so refreshing and uhm...filling? yes. we ate our way through another city. but if you know us did you really expect anything different?


when we go on a trip somewhere the main, and i mean MAIN MOST IMPORTANT, priority (after seeing family and friends of course) is making sure we eat everything. since i've been practicing the low fodmap diet and it hasn't been working for me in the slightest, i kept to our usual plans of making each trip we take a food tour. it's really my favorite thing. we eat pretty well during the week so when we're on trips we don't hold back and i wouldn't want it any other way. we do enough walking and pretend workouts in the morning to kindaaa balance this out ;)

the trip was a perfect balance of family time and then driving up to boston for the weekend for all the eats, drinks and site seeing our bodies could handle.

i'm part of a couple blogger groups of FB and asked for suggestions from those ladies and some friends, and holy f did they come through! we literally dropped our stuff off at the hotel and started rockin.

we really saw everything:

  • walked around beacon hill
  • obviously took a picture on one of boston’s most photographed streets, because hello i wouldn’t not.
  • walked through boston common 
  • had pre lunch at a little italian spot in the north end
    • first bit was a classic meat and cheese board with fresh bread in olive oil because healthy fats amiright?!
    • to follow, we split truffle raviolis with a glass of red wine
  • bar hopped a bit. stopping in some v local irish bars
  • Had actual lunch at Neptune's oyster bar
    • ordered everything to split so don’t get alarmed- new england clam chowda, lobster roll in butter, a dozen oysters, half east coast half west, and a glass of white wine to wash it down. let the feast commence. 
  • had to have a cannoli. but just ONE to split :) 
  • popped into a rooftop bar
  • headed out to yivonnes. another stellar recommendation. this was definitely our vibe. speakeasy, a few different themes rooms, delicious cocktails (spicy marg) and even better company.
  • ok ok the LAST stop that night was black rose. famous for it’s live irish music. 
  • outdoor food truck and fair spot in south boston,
  • epic brunch (DOES IT EVER END?!?!)
  • fanuel hall in all it’s chaos
    • split another butter lobster roll....

ok that’s it. i know you’re thinking we’re crazy but luckily i wore leggings on the way home so we didn’t have any casualties with pant buttons flying off.

off to make some zoodles because reading all this back makes me realize that i ate enough to be hibernating right now.

xx brit