catskills | new york

everyone must do this.

goes upstate once and immediately starts planning their future rustic, minimal, gorgeous house in the mountains, 5 miles from a brewery, the best diner and epic hikes. i am surely not the only one..

well that’s what i’ve been dreaming of the past week. after FINALLY getting upstate (living here for 4 years and having yet to do so) i can say it was every bit as gorgeous, relaxing, grounding and serene as i could have hoped.


it’s interesting because it still has an energy about it, one you only notice once you yourself start to slow the f down. i found that hard at first. it usually does take me a bit of time to relax after leaving the city. i don’t think i’m extremely high strung (i don’t think i am but who am i to judge) i just think it’s that the energy of the city really does something to you. i don’t think it’s a bad thing, it’s something i notice exponentially once i cross the island. so when we got up to the catskills, besides the gorgeous fall foliage on the way up, the first thing that is so striking is that the air was so so cold but crisp, fresh, breathable. the sound of quiet mountains is really quite a sound as well. if you’ve ever been in any mountain, you know what i mean. and no i didn’t go camping and we weren’t in the absolute middle of no where, but coming from the city it felt pretty damn close.


on the drive up to the catskills we stopped at stormking art center. the weather held out for a little but i think it would be better with slightly warmer weather. we’d have probably stayed longer but by the time we did a short loop we were ready to call it a day. we also stopped for a bite at Poenicia Diner. just go there. it’s delicious and affordable. we of course ate too much ; tomato soup, pastrami sandwich (sean), tuna melt (me), cider, two cookies, coffee, full stomachs & full hearts.


we had the pleasure of stating at the quaint spruceton inn, which i highly highly recommend. its minimalist, cozy decor, welcoming close knit innkeepers and affinity for all things campfire & flannel is unparalleled. we didn’t really know what to expect, besides the fact that i had stalked them on instagram every day for two weeks (i love the internet).

i tend to be long winded, so i’ll take a shot at “wrapping up” here. stay at the spruceton inn if you can. use their site for recommendations on food & activities that are decently close. Poenicia Diner is a MUST. we went twice which is no surprise to anyone. We also went to Peekamoose for dinner which was good but i would go back to try Brushland Eating House next time. Something to note, it gets dark as all hell out there. I’m talking like the second the sun goes down you’re in another world, so plan accordingly. i would recommend going to dinner early if you’re going out, if you’re not, spruceton does have food you can cook / snacks available (which we did take full advantage of). about a ten minute walk is also westkill brewery which is the cutest. i felt like we were at a neighborhood party and the beer is delicious.

and that’s it. it’s not super extensive, it’s not insanely informative, but it was our lovely experience and i wouldn’t change it.

to bring:

flannel (duh), but actually some warm sweaters / layering the mountains get much cooler at night, hiking gear (nothing too serious), camera, book or two (you’ll have a lot of downtime), wine or when you book you can purchase $40 cider to be waiting in your room for you, some snacks for when it’s late and you want to munch on something but you don’t dare get in the car, and then always buy the smores.


to see:

until next time xx