balance & why it's so damn hard

paired this chicken & waffles and eggs benny with a nice loooong walk afterwards  //  sweet chick  on ludlow

paired this chicken & waffles and eggs benny with a nice loooong walk afterwards  // sweet chick on ludlow

if gigi hadid can "eat clean to stay fit, have a burger to stay sane" then so can i.

but i don't have a personal trainer. or enough funds to buy organic. or the time to cook healthy but filling, but tasty and protein filled meals 10x a day. so...where does that leave me? i don't have time to workout 3 times a day 7x a week, have a career, clean my apartment, eat, shower, stare at my boyfriend for ten minutes as our alone time and get 8 hours of sleep. i just cannot. tell me i'm making lame ass excuses but i can't be super woman every day of the week. most days yes, every i would guess that leaves me in the same bucket of always somehow busy, want to do everything, but don't have time to enjoy my weekend people that most of you are.

so what's a gal to do besides sulk, eat dark chocolate (bc it's healthy duh) and binge watch whatever netflix show has 12 seasons?

b a l a n c e.

what an easy explanation!

it's taking a moment in whatever crazy place you and your life might be in to chill the f* out. to realize you could be having the time of your life and not even realize it. appreciate the hard work that you've done, give yourself one of those personal hugs and mentally give a big hell ya. because honestly, if you're not rooting for yourself, then why would anyone else?

so maybe my girl gigi is talking about that for everything in life. because she's very inspirational and speaking directly to my soul obviously. 

  1. learn for yourself what having a balanced life means.
    • making time to see your friends but also alone time when you can connect and learn some self love and a little r&r (yes my advice is buying yourself a massage and a manicure). enjoying time with your sig other, maybe not even conversing but just being in the same place enjoying the fact that you're able to do so without NEEDING to talk. balance. saying yes to a fun euro trip and before that, working your ass off for the promotion you deserve.
  2. not beating yourself up for eating the pad tai for two alone, you're not helping anyone!
    • when i do this, and it's happened more than once, i either have to enjoy it or beat myself up about it. well nothing good comes from the second option. i'm still going to take my sodium filled 5ft 2 self to the gym later to repent for my sins, but i'm not going to be pissed because it was probably amazing.
  3. setting goals, actually following through...
    • don't worry. i'll need a whole post on goal setting because i'm queen planner with no follow through..not proud. this is about setting challenging but achievable goals for yourself, and not freaking out if it doesn't go as planned!
  4. 80/20 does work...for me. find what works for you
    •  i love to cook and eat healthy. i do find joy in making a killer zoodle dish with chicken sausage and homemade roasted red pepper sauce (delish btw) and i enjoy that 80% of the time. the other 20% i like to have a drunken slice (whole pie) of pizza and a carton of good old ben&j's. that's just how it goes. 
  5. get your ass to the gym, for a walk, to yoga and also give yourself time to mentally unwind.. because you're worth it. (YOU GO GIRL)
    • it's about getting your ass to the gym in those new workout leggings that you paid too much for, sweating out the toxins in hot yoga, but also enjoying that burger or pumpkin spice latte or bowl of ramen that you love with people that you love (or yourself).

balance. learning self control, when to say yes, when to say hell yes, and when to say na not today.