YES- I started a blog, like everyone else you know.

it's true. your friend, your friend's younger sister, her best friend, her boyfriend, her cousin's bff...we. all. started. blogs.

"but mine is going to be different!".. only time will tell. but really, i hope this is different (all body parts crossed). it will be different because im pretty f'ing sarcastic and living in a shoebox in new york with my 6 foot tall boyfriend. i pay an astronomical amount to say 'i live here'. i try not to eat pizza every night. AND i try to stay somewhat sane writing it all down for my closest friends (the internet) to read. this is already not like any other blog... right?

actually, this blog is the product of being sick of not having an outlet, not being able to share something i love with others, and of being so annoyed at myself for making excuses...even though i'm so good at it; LIKE PROFESSIONAL. 

i don't know what this is going to be like. hell, you might hate it, i might hate it, my mom might hate it, but it'll be fun. i promise.

like a really great roller coaster you might not even want to be on. but i've trapped you. and if you're my friend i'm going to guilt trip you into reading these nonsensical posts i write. so let me know what you want to hear, what you don't want to hear, and seriously...just help a girl out. because as fun as this is for me to finally have a platform where my stupid ideas can be exploited, i do want this to be worth something. ultimately i want to inspire, motivate, help others, and myself. we're in this crazy ass thing together, and even if we don't all like each other, we're all motivated by the same want and need to be connected.

i want to show a balance of life in new york, while experiencing all there is in this great city. including finding new things to do that aren't on every single tripadvisor review and hopefully offer some general life tips that i've found over the past two years of growing into someone i want to be for the next 3 quarters of my life (i mean longer if they'll let me but 100 yrs old is a pretty decent goal).

so congrats--since you read this entire post you're now my biggest supporter :) don't worry...more to come!

xx brit