detox to retox

even though our bodies (liver and kidneys) are great at detoxifying themselves, sometimes i need a boost in hitting that reset button- especially after the holidays where i tend to overindulge, to say the least. big believer in reseting, realigning, and getting my ass in check.

there are a million reasons why we might not be aligned, detoxed, or our asses not in check- booze, peppermint bark, a second helping of everything, battling a cold. you name it. 

soooo in an effort to start making sure that even after 70234098 holiday and New Year's celebrations, a weekend with friends visiting, or celebrating a birthday over too many sugary brunch drinks, i stay somewhat human, i've kept track of the things that help me get back to square one:

  1. turmeric- all hail this gem. you can use it for cooking, in tea, smoothies, oats, turmeric milk. LITERALLY EVERYTHING. for someone (me) who needs an anti inflammatory to come in clutch it's this for the absolute win. 
  2. tea or hot water with lemon-
    1. peppermint tea- peppermint is good for the stomach and i usually put in a dash of ground ginger from Trader Joe's or you can grind your own if you have fresh ginger. just added benefit to the many thumbs up peppermint tea gets as a natural detoxifier. 
    2.  hot water with lemon- first thing in the am, or the below. i have no idea factually how much this helps, but i do feel better and *clean* after a nice cup of this before consuming anything else
    3. water with lemon, cayenne, turmeric, natural honey (none of that overly processed shiz)- this is my usual go-to. if i don't have honey or pure syrup, i'll skip it. you can even make this in a huge batch and put it in the refrigerator, much like the Suja Master Cleanse. as little or as much as you like of each in your one cup of boiled water -- i just use the water from my keurig without a coffee filter in while i wait on purchasing an actual tea kettle. stay tuned.
  3. bio coffee- 3-5 servings of your daily veggies, pre and pro biotics, and much more due to the wheatgrass based naturally decafinated coffee (separate post to follow).
i have  this one  - might not be available in this color

i have this one - might not be available in this color

4. good old h2o- you can never have enough water. scratch that, i can never have enough water. i know i'm walking around 70% of the time dehydrated and it's terrible. i have started to make a very conscious effort in drinking water at all times and especially when i think i'm getting hungry. it's true for me at least that some of the time i think i'm hungry i'm really just thirsty...although that doesn't mean i couldn't finish a basket of buffalo wings it just means it's not necessary. very helpful to have a trendy water bottle to keep me motivated- S'well is my newest obsession.

5. green smoothie- spinach. spinach. spinach. my mom hates green drinks even if i tell her it doesn't taste green. which usually adding in spinach to smoothies you can't even taste it. throw in some berries or half a banana and you would never know there's two cups of leaves in there. i add greens to almost everything.  

6. sweat/sauna/ infrared sauna- sweat the shit ouuuuuut. best way to start getting that added value detox is hydration and sweat. even if you haven't spent the weekend drinking mimosas and eating eggs benedict, you still need a good body detox brought on by sweating. the toxins that most of us face daily aren't only detrimental to our overall health but our skin too. starting to look into the benefits of infrared saunas and will keep you posted on my experience.

i'm not saying you should do all of these things or any of them. you know what works for you. do what is safe for your body and what makes you feel like a million bucks. i'm clearly not a doctor, i use the google machine as a resource and try to find as much information as possible on the things i implement in my life. so until next time, google the crap out of things you have questions on, ask professionals, and drink some h2o while you do it.

these detox tips are just about getting the physical body alkaline, and there are a million other components to detoxify your mind and overall wellbeing- which i'll definitely get to in another post. think journaling, meditation, again sweating it out for mental clarity, writing down your intentions, etc.

so on that note, have fun with the detox..i'm off to sit my ass in the sauna for the max amount of time acceptable.


**for more, read up: great article from Well and Good on why detox is getting an unnecessary bad rap, and shouldn't!