you just have to start.

i'm the worst.

i have so many ideas i think are great.

probably the best ideas (just stay with me here)

and nothing could stop me from putting them into action.

except for the fact that i can't even start.

does that happen to you? -- if it doesn't call me. you're my life coach.

a business idea you can't seem to find the time for?

a new hobby you're dying to become amazing at?

a book you've had on your dresser for a nice summer read..last summer?

maybe it's your resume you want to redo because once you do you'll find your dream job.

or you want to follow through with your “resolutions” this year…for the first time ever.


the only thing that's in your way of accomplishing any and/or all of these things is "starting".

how about writing a blog you dreamt about for over a year? emailing every blogger for tips only to buy the domain name and sit on your ass waiting for it to start itself. oh, yeah, that's me.

this isn't easy.

i'm not talking about blogging. (it's not easy but i just got started so i'm still naive). 

i'm talking about the starting thing.

when you woman up and say screw it let's do this.

that moment.

those words.

that's what's hard.

it's not that people don't have the ability, will power, or resources and it's not 100% us being lazy (for me a good amount of it is, my bed is new and comfy and heaven-like). it's having faith that even if we fail we'll still be kicking ass.

to do something we actually love, may eventually love, or might hate; who knows...not us because we haven't started!



making that choice. maybe the first choice is deciding we're going to start..i didn't say it had to happen overnight! growing the balls to put ourselves out there in a new, vulnerable situation isn't easy. for example- i decided to start this blog. no, see, that's a lie- i decided that i thought i would like to start thinking about starting a blog...

i made conscious excuses for myself so that when i didn't do it there was no pressure. now fast forward to just getting around to it when i was planning on this for over a year. i put off doing the damn thing when it was something i knew i would enjoy.

and knew i needed.

so if this thing is something that you want to do, or try, or be good at, or change--just decide to start. because once you do, you're way ahead of the rest of us who are sitting on our sorry asses just thinking about it.

off to start writing my 2017 blog post ideas in my fav jot it down journal! happy writing xx brit