a wise spin instructor once told me....

to love yourself as much as you love beyonce.

talk about resonating with me immediately. if this doesn't do it for you i truly am sorry that beyonce doesn't play a bigger role in your life. it's okay, we're not all perfect.

in all seriousness, it doesn't matter if it's beyonce or pizza (i think that's more true) that you absolutely love. the point is take that amount and love on yourself that much and more. 2017 should be the year that we actually give a damn about ourselves, about our physical and mental health, about our relationships, and about being in love with the fact that we're a work in progress and that's OK.

so this spin instructor, bevin (teaches at soul cycle and she's my favorite ever so if she reads this someday, love you girl), really kills it. one, she's a great teacher and plays kick ass music, but two, she understands that we aren't going to be 100% of our best selves all the time. she wanted us to give it what we could in class but if you aren't on your A game today, that's ok too. appreciate where you are on your fitness and spiritual journey. LOVE. YOURSELF. YGG.

a little ditty about soul cycle- i'm sure if you're in a larger city you've heard of this cult like phenomenon. if you haven't don't worry that's why i'm here. at first i wasn't about it..i was like 'the fffff. $35 for one class to ride a bike. you're kidding. please tell me you're kidding.' no one was kidding. for me, because i'm not making 6 figures yet, trying to balance buying groceries, shampoo, and $40 workout classes isn't in my budget but i did it anyway because i have zero buyers remorse when it’s "for my health".

it was worth it; for me anyway. i think it's a mix of the music that's always on point, the energy of the teacher who seems like they're on a little too much adderall, and the fact that even when i can't do the moves i'm still getting my ass kicked. you're a part of the community which is an enriching experience no matter where you are in your fitness journey. you become inspired to keep going when you're tired and feel no judgement in the dimly lit spin room.

this isn't a normal spin class, it's a dancy one which i didn't even know was possible. you do crunches and pushups (yes on the bike), while up and seated. talk about needing to be coordinated! a weights section happens towards the end and i've never had so much trouble repeatedly lifting 2lbs ...it's not embarrassing. it's just a fact. despite how good these classes can be i've finally found a teacher that never disappoints. ever. that's important because of course it's about how much you want to work and challenge yourself, but it's also having a group and teacher behind you literally cheering you on.

in my book the soul cult gets an A+ and i'll give the credit to the teachers and the fact that they took someone's idea of a workout class and embodied it. they made it something they themselves want to continue to be a part of.

let me know if you've tried this studio! or if you like other types of workouts better i.e. HIIT classes, barre, boxing (my fav). if anyone's been, would LOVE to hear what orangetheory is like. a lot of talk about it and interested in trying it soon!

enjoy burning cals! im off to pretend like we don't have 50 ferrero rochers left from christmas just staring me in the face.


**if you're in nyc, check out bevin's schedule and let me know if you're as obsessed as i am!