habits i can't quit


you know what i mean. those pesky habits, the ones that are so damn deep rooted that you don’t even realize you’re doing it. like me biting my nails when i'm stressed and i had previously kicked that habit. UGH someday. we all have them and believe me there are plenty of bad habits i’d LOVE to quit, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. i’m focusing on the habits that i love and don’t want to quit because i don’t need negativity in my life, and i’m just not a quitter.


i got off the wagon a bit with this but once i start again it’s amazing. i was always the person who thought ‘eh’ about meditation, mindfulness or creating space in your mind and body. once i had a month of daily meditation under my belt at mndfl i was convinced. starting back up again and making this a habit is no easy task but i’ve been meditating before bed and starting up another month at mndfl to get my mind health on point.

apps: calm, mndfl, headspace.


i also had to try this one for myself because i was kind of skeptical on the results i would see and if it actually made a difference for me. welllllll i saw results and i added an expensive habit to my amazon order but it’s so worth it. i had been taking vital proteins collagen peptides every morning for two months in my coffee or smoothies and i recently switched it out for some of their bone broth. I love it just not as easy to implement into my routine so going to splurge and have both on hand.

vital proteins- marine collagen, beef collagen peptides, bone broth.



sean is going to roll his eyes in the back of his head on this one if he reads this. if you’ve read any of my health posts you know i deal with a fair share of health/stomach issues and can't seem to figure it out but something that i do try to keep consistent is my vitamins. because of my stomach problems, i'm pretty deficient in some key vitamins like d and b12….hello sleepy morning, mid day, and afternoon. i do rec getting a blood test done to see if you are in fact deficient in some and then make sure you have good quality vitamins. i’ve learned that annoying as it is it’s actually important to get the good stuff.

vitamins: care of (personalized cute packs), pure, 

pasta alternatives.

is this considered a habit? might be weird to add on this list. i'm a huge pasta lover and so far i have only met two people in my life who aren’t swoon by creamy delicious buttery cheesy saucy noodles. SO since i'm not one of those two people and i physically cannot consume pasta every night of the week, cue in zoodles, lentil, brown rice, quinoa pasta. i recently started getting lentil pasta at trader joes because i practically live there but it’s amazing. as a pasta lover i don’t say that lightly. it’s not mushy, it holds up to sauce and toppings. it's my new go-to for alternatives.


gratitude practice.

feel like i've been focusing a lot on mental health lately, and well because i have. it’s incredibly important no matter what you’re going through or what you’re not going through. family, life, sig others, life, weather, work, friends, long distance friends and family, holidays, I MEAN YOU NAME IT PPL. it’s a lot. so let it be a lot and then deal with it in a healthy way.

so i’ve been back in my journal writing 5 things either first thing in the morning (trying to stay off my phone in the AM….ill let you know when i succeed. thaaat's a bad habit i know i know) or at night. i don't care when it is i just care that i do it because for a minute i get to be so happy it hurts. 5 things that im grateful for. the end.

i'm grateful for being able to write to whoever is reading this, for my large pour of incredible red wine, for the boyfriend i have the pleasure of sharing a v small apartment with, and for my close friends & family because if anyone is going to love me no matter what it’s those weird guys.

sleep tight my friends, try to break out of that ever long turkey & stuffing food haze