i'm in a serious funk.

i have definitely NOT been 100% lately. my routine & vibe are all freaking off & i need a major reset. make fun of me for saying vibe but it's so true. i think i just had absolutely way to much fun between best friends visiting, memorial day weekend, my parents visiting, & now the exhaustion is all hitting me.

SO i’ve been feeling like f. down & out, trying to work out, failing, exhausted, skin sucks, my routine sucks, work is overwhelming because i'm physically not with it, my stomach problems are out of controllllaaaaa.

in. a. FUNK.

do your 'funks' sound like this? i mean i get in these moods sometimes but damn this is a biggie. i had a great time & so enjoyed all the events, people, restaurants, & socializing but it takes so much out of me that it feels like body depression just now kicked in after four weeks.

it’s like i cannot climb out of the freaking hole i'm in. obviously everyone hates this feeling & i think talking about things that i’ve learned i need to do to get back on track (or speed up that process) would help me continue with them & maybe even give someone else ideas on how to regroup. i would also LOVE some new ideas. all about improving & trying new things over here so LMK what helps you!

one thing i do first is get into the steam room. after my parents left i couldn't muster up the energy to even walk on a treadmill so instead i went to the gym & sat my alcohol and carb infused body into the steam room for the max amt of time allowed. another thing i would HIGHLY rec is an infrared sauna. in actual love. if it was less expensive i would go every single day of my life. i tried out higher dose in nyc & it was so worth it. i recommend not going when you’re completely hung over & make sure you're hydrated, but after your skin feels amazing.  you can feel the detox happening. i'm a huge fan of the intense feeling in there.

after that i start out small when getting back to the gym. stair master, walk on an incline, elliptical for a warmup & weights, abs & foam roll. goal is 30 minutes of continuous working out to get myself back into a routine.

also for mental well being/ getting back on track, meditation. Read about my journey here or here for the second part! it doesn't need to be actual meditation, but more mindful intention setting. ditch the tech earlier, reach for a book before bed. when i wake up i try to think about the day not in an OMG i have anxiety way (sometimes it happens) but in a what do i want to do first way instead of doing the ole scroll through what everyone did last night.

food wise & internally i try to get out of my funk by doing the easiest things possible that i know give me a KICK IN THE A$$. every morning i’ve started off with warm water, lemon, turmeric, ginger, or cayenne pepper. i add it all and go crazy w it. then i add collagen to smoothies or just water. i've been loving the vital proteins marine collagen. it's ALL over instagram but for really good reasons. read what some of my favorite bloggers have to say about it here, here, and here :) 

it does amazing things for my skin & i need this since i'm prone to every type of breakout under the sun as well as helps digestion. also you can't taste it so don't freak out about the marine part. once the day is going i have chlorophyll water. I have digestion issues (if that’s TMI then don’t read my low fodmap post) so i have magnesium citrate and vitamin c throughout the day & calm tea or ginger tea at night.

then i just take care of my damn self. because YGG.

nails, face masks, crest white strips, dry brush, lotion, candles, face oil, essential oil GIMME IT ALL. but i really do try to do everything because the faster my ass can make it back to baseline instead of living in the negative the faster i can get on with my life. i also haven’t written much in a while & still have so many half finished posts needing editing etc. so that’s another thing. i’ve been trying to get back into that rhythm too.

the BEST advice i can give to myself or to someone else about being in a funk is pleaseee don’t worry & it’s not the end of the world. you may feel like shit for the moment but give yourself some credit. you’re a hardworking bad ass babe 99.999% of the time, you get a day off ;)

off to eat some purely elizabeth probiotic granola IBC ITS BOMB while i finish my insane to do list.

xx brit

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