eat this not that....

plant based, animal based, no dairy, fight inflammation, no nightshades, gluten free, organic, free range, no added preservatives, no hormones, high fat low carb, macros, micros, keto, detox, alkaline, gut health, probiotics, low fodmap, no sugars, fermented foods, high fiber, mediterranean, vegan, juice detox, vegan, and damn cauliflower pizza. what the health? no, more like WTAF (what the actual fuuuuuck). so what do you even eat?

i guess i could stick to my water diet? oh wait, but what minerals are in my water and what’s the PH balance? yeah. literally nothing is safe anymore.

so with all this knowledge flying around and studies, trial and error, ‘facts’, and too many opinions what is even right for your body? what should you be eating? everything? nothing?


ok - had to have a bite of 100% pure organic no sugar bitter as all hell dark chocolate bar. kidding i had a handful of semi sweet chocolate chips from trader joes so close enough. my take on all eat what’s right for YOUR body. not mine. not the people behind any documentary. you figure out what foods work for you either on your own, with a doctor, with an RDN, a holistic nutritionist, whoever is going to get you there. so for me, i found with my gut issues, i currently have to stick to low fodmap, limited dairy, no gluten, and probiotics. BUT that might not make YOU feel your best. i can’t tell you not to have dairy, because maybe you’re fine with dairy and come on who wants to voluntarily give up meat and cheese boards if their bodies are fine w it? not i.

what i'm really saying is you do you. yes, take in all the information and all the research you want to consider and then make your own decisions. i definitely love love love doing research on different foods and trends and what information is coming out. but at the end of the day if i try a certain eating style and it doesn’t make me feel my best, i don't care how proven or recommended it is. not going to happen.

i do really enjoy sharing my experience, recipes, and tips but if you try something i talk about and it’s not your vibe then leave it and try something else. that being said i do have a killer anti-inflammatory curry dish that i’ve been DROOLING over. i didn’t think i liked curry/ thought it was really hard to make a curry inspired dish. i was very mistaken. i realize i love ALL the ingredients included in this and it’s super simple. (except for the fact that turmeric stained my fresh gel mani and i was not thrilled about it) BUT my belly was happy so ya win some you lose some.


  • shrimp or chicken (whichever you prefer!!)
  • rice, quinoa or brown rice pad thai noodles (def doing noodles next time you KNOW ab my obsession w pad thai)
  • coconut milk (in a can)
  • turmeric, ginger, cumin, curry powder, garlic (i make mine sans garlic because well read about it here if you don’t know)
  • carrots
  • broccolini
  • string beans
  • peppers
  • or other veggies you love!

honestly this is a very ‘throw together how you please’ type dish. the only thing really is cook either the quinoa, rice or pasta first then the shrimp or chicken. those take the longest and then you just heat up the coconut milk, add in your spices (i never measure these and i put WAY too much in but how much is too much ya know) let that simmer up and thicken then add veggies.

once the veggies get pretty cooked and softened i add the cooked rice (or quinoa or noodles) to soak in some of the goodness. add chicken or shrimps in last and mix!! note to self: it doesn't photog the prettiest, but it's really good really filling really healthy really easy. REALLY REALLY.

let me know your thoughts and what foods make you feel on top of your A game! going to go pretend i don't want an entire box of brown rice pasta right now, byeeee