second quarter feels

i was going to write this last year..obviously that didn’t happen. so here we are.

i don’t usually write out resolutions and tbh i still have to formally write out my intentions for the year. am i a bit late? i like intensions better because i feel like it’s more of a lifestyle and promise to myself rather than a “i won’t eat sugar” because let’s be real that’s not something i’m willing to give up. but that’s not what this is. with my birthday week underway (LOL don't you hate that i said that? i did), this post some of what i’ve learned in my glorious 25 years on this earth and what i want to accomplish in my 26th year around the sun. 

i’ve learned a lot especially in the past couple years & i think new york will do that too you. make you age a bit fast but i don't look at it as in a bad way. i like being older, understanding more of what i want out of life, beginning to find a routine i am comfortable with all while continuing to push myself and try new things.

maybe i’ve become an old soul end just enjoy a cup of ginger tea, pajama sets, and my record player a bit too much. but I'm pretty ok with that. so i had some time to think and put down a few things I've learned thus far and what i want to push myself to do even more during the start of my “second quarter”.

  • stop giving so many fucks. this book by mark manson is one i loved. sorry for the profanity but if you read this book (which i highly recommend) it’s a plain and simple way of thinking. "you are already great because in the face of endless confusion and certain death, you continue to choose what to give a fuck about and what not to. This mere fact, this simple optioning for your own values in life, already makes you beautiful ,already makes you successful, and already makes you loved. even if you don't realize it." UGH. feels.
  • going off that first one, make time for people you actually care about. i spent FAR too much time in the past trying to keep relationships alive that i had no business being in. it’s nothing bad, people didn’t do me wrong, it’s just know when someone really matters to you versus you feeling bad about not keeping in touch. the people who in turn want you in life will make sure you’re part of it, i promise.
  • quality over quantity. again, keep people around you who fuel you, inspire you, give a shit about you and your life. cut you those who are bringing in negativity, hold you down, are stuck in the past. no one has time for that. i have a handful of close friends and a much larger friend outer circle and that’s how i like it so don’t feel bad if you don’t have 20 people you talk to everyday. don’t compare yourself to someone else’s friend group.
  • say i love you all too much. i’m an all in type of person. you’re my friend, my boyfriend, my family, i am loving you far too hard, but i wouldn't want it any other way. i don’t want to just kind of be there for you, i want to be there for you when you’re crying stuffing pizza in your face at 2 am talking nonsense and then on the couch the next day drinking a turmeric latte talking about your goals. I'm all in.
  • stop caring what anyone thinks. if you want it, if you love it, do it. i was worried about writing a blog, I'm not amazing at it, i don't do it consistently, i was worried people would think it’s lame, but i did it anyway and i actually got the opposite reaction (thanks you lovely humans)
  • listen. stop talking. people are incredible and the amount of learning I've been able to do by shutting my loud mouth is incredible (who would have thought)
  • appreciate people, and tell them. i realize this especially with work but just start to tell people what you think. if they’re doing an incredible job, let them know. if you’re proud of your best friend, tell them. if your boyfriend tried to make dinner but it tasted like cardboard but you appreciated it anyway, tell him that you appreciate it anyway. people don’t get to hear this kind of stuff enough.
  • love yourself. be confident. don’t be arrogant but damn if you’ve got it flaunt it. if you’re proud of your workout progress or whole 30, your new job, or the fact that you now don’t need to workout 100 times a day you just love yourself unconditionally or whatever, yeah share that. we’re in a world where you’re oversharing or being too curated and fake, and there’s no inbetween. someone’s not going to like what you have to say no matter what, so stop thinking so much about everything and if you want to express yourself don't think twice. find your art your passion and do that.
  • stop doing things you hate. this seems obvious right? sometimes i need a quick reminder. if you don’t like doing HIIT workouts, dont. if you hate your job, start looking for a new one. if you hate the place you should probably move. your life is just that; yours.

i realize the above is a lot of “don’t”s and it can seem kind of negative. that’s just how i initially wrote all of these and I'm going to keep it as is, but it's actually all quite positive stuff. take out the things you hate, keep the ones you love. done.

and that’s that. you’ve heard all of these things before i know this because I've heard all of these things before. nothing i put in here is revolutionary or groundbreaking- unfortunately i am not the inspirational voice of my generation. BUT maybe you forgot some of this stuff, maybe you need to check in and realize those changes you wanted to make? now is as good a time as ever.

thanks for reading & happy bday month to all my pisces *cheers*