everyone has something.

& you never know what battle someone is facing.

it doesn’t matter how big or small it may seem to you, a bad day of just little unfortunate events, a funk you can’t seem to shake, depression, death of a family member or friend, lost job, have a job but hate it, lost in life in general. whatever. wt. is. we all have something at one time or another. AND THAT’S OK.

it's something i've focused on in the past year because i think a lot of us just need to get and give a good dose of compassion. some of us seem to have it all together but battle depression. some of us have health issues that we just come to deal with day to day. others of us have regrets and things eating us up right and left. then some of us have an amazing job, great family, loving friends, and still can’t figure out what’s wrong, why on earth aren't we happy? you might be thinking ‘well  that’s not me.. i'm not like that.’ but so what if you are? so what if we are?

there shouldn’t be and (shouldn’t have ever been) a stigma on depression, therapy, being overwhelmed, emotional, unsettled or fed up. we’re being humans. we feel things. we express those feelings and we’re all just trying to feel something positive in this world. so when we don’t or something is off we have the power and the emotional intelligence to realize that. and it’s ok if we’re overwhelmed with work, or relationships, or the loud busy city, or the fact that there was no almond milk left at our favorite coffee shop.


because we’re battling the elements every single day. we’re putting our best selves forward and sometimes that’s hard as hell for a million different reasons. and no we may not be saving lives, but we sure are try our best and dealing with stress that comes with the day to day.

so when you’re cashing out at the grocery store after waiting what feels like 100 hours to get to the front of the line, or someone awful bumps into you in the subway and you spill your whole coffee that you truly needed in order to be human, or the person on the other end of the customer service line really doesn't give a shit, remember that they’re human too. 

it’s no excuse to be terrible to each other, but maybe if we had just an extra ounce of empathy throughout our day, an extra smile here and there, a positive auora around us even if our own little world is going to shit, then maybe it’ll be like the butterfly effect. maybe just maybe it will rub off on someone. that way when something does happen, when we are depressed, when someone we love passes on, when our world really is too much, maybe it’ll come full circle. and that positive energy we put out into the world when we are on top will come back when we aren’t so high.

someone else will have the power to offer a hand, and excuse me, a smile.


xx brit