weekend things & low fod-whaa?

happy sunday!!

so i ran for the first time in FOREVER yesterday over the williamsburg bridge and i realized that i’d like this to be a ritual of mine. i live suuuuper close to the bridge and to run over is about 1.5 miles, which is definitely my max distance. i’ve decided to *try* to run saturday mornings and try a new coffee shop every time I'm there. the most difficult part won't be running. the hard part will be not going back to devoción EVERY time.

this is what i want my living room to look like.

it’s the perfect atmosphere to sit and write a million blog posts because it’s not super loud and great natural lighting. Bonus- their coffee is the strongest.

& with that i wanted to continue talking about the super sexy topic of digestion :) but really, i think talking about it and confronting these issues head on can actually help a lot of people feel sexier. i know when i was bloated after every single meal the last thing i wanted to do was be in a skin tight dress, jeans with a cropped shirt, or literally any type of clothing.


i didn't feel cute or hot or pretty. i felt like i was going to implode, i felt gross, and i felt like working out didn’t matter because it wasn’t going to help anyway. i’ve come in contact with a good amount of ppl lately that have a lot of the same issues I've had and it cracks me up. no one would ever want to talk about this in the past. but finally digestion and food sensitivities are becoming, wait for it, so mainstream that it’s more common that you know someone in this situation than not. i wanted to give a brief description of the low fodmap diet that i’ve been on because i’ve gotten a lot of questions on it and I've asked a trillion and one questions myself.

honestly if i make a drastic career change it may be to go to school and study nutrition. it’s so interesting and crazy how our bodies react and use different nutrients. mind blowing.

anyway, fodmap—

F- Fermentable
O- Oligosaccharides
D- Disaccharides
M- Monosaccharides And
P- Polyols

you get it right? so easy…

in a nut shell, FODMAPs are small chain sugars and fibers that are poorly digested and can contribute to gas, bloating and other sexy digestive situations. still don’t get it? me neither.

to break it down in terms that i understand, foods that are high in FODMAPs are 

  • lactose: milk, soft cheeses, ice cream, yogurt
  • fructose: apples, pears, mango, honey, agave, high-fructose corn syrup
  • fructans: wheat, barley, rye, garlic, onions
  • galactooligosaccharides (GOS): beans
  • polyols: cauliflower, mushroom, artificial sweeteners ending in -ol

all these foods are random af. so how would you know if you’re sensitive to all or like one of these random foods?!?! IM SO GLAD YOU ASKED. you go on the ever so fun elimination diet. this way you cut out all of these high fodmap foods and eventually reintroduce them so you can hopefully have some of them in moderation again. 

so that’s where I'm at. i don’t want to make this post longer than it already is so we’ll leave it there for now and next time i’ll get more in depth about what this actually means. if you do find yourself in this situation after consulting with a doctor, don’t worry there’s hope! in my next post i’ll also share some awesome resources that can give you advice, break it down, and offer some killer recipes. 

if you’re wondering how i keep up eating in nyc sans garlic and onions…well it’s hard as hell. so here’s a recipe for homemade pesto bc the store bought one is FILLED with delicious garlic.

homemade pesto

  • 1/2 cup garlic infused olive oil
  • 1/2 cup fresh basil
  • 1/2 cup pine nuts
  • 1 cup chopped chives
  • 1/4 cup nutritional yeast or (AND) parmesan 
  • lemon juice (i do a ton of lemon but it’s really your preference)
  • a dash or however much your heart desires of red pepper flakes (optional)

it looks amazing because it is.

are you confused about the garlic in this recipe? turns out if you're on the low fodmap diet you can sauté garlic in olive oil for a couple minutes on medium heat (make sure to not let the garlic burn), then let the oil cool down, remove and discard the garlic pieces. once cooled, pour everything into a blender and pulse until it's the consistency you want!

i've made this a handful of times and i HATE measuring things, so sometimes i'll have to add in a little more olive oil.

currently going to whip some of this up and throw it over ground turkey and brown rice pasta while i binge watch girls. i'm going to brag for a second- i've watched season 1-4 in record f-ing time. no one spoil the last two seasons for me, i should be done by tuesday.

xx brit

**all information is based on research i've done and meeting with countless doctors & a nutritionist. they gave specific advice for me and what i should be eating, but everyone is different!! get in touch with your GI, doctor, or a nutritionist if you think you're having similar sensitivities or any digestive issues.