the start of #WordsAreFree

this concept started almost two years ago.

let me hit you with a little rewind action—-

two years ago i moved to new york in late september and it was just starting to get cold… cold as in freezing. and coming from florida “freezing” was 50 degrees and sunny. finally got my morning commute down and was pretty proud of myself for only getting lost twice my first week.

anyway I'm riding the subway and a young man starts walking through, telling a little bit about himself, his recent hardships, and two years later, i could only remember one specific thing he said.

i know he asked for anything we could give: a dollar, food, water, socks, anything to keep him and his family warm, or words...


because words are free.

writing this gives me chills just like it did that morning. something about his words stuck with me. it made my brain twist and turn and wonder what the hell am i doing? what good have i done lately? what impact have i made without expecting anything in return?

what words have i spoken that could have motivated or inspired someone?

i stood there, almost in shock. this guy had told the subway full of strangers that anything would help him, even a kind word. he knew that words are more powerful than most physical products. he understood that the power of words can change someone’s life, can alter your perception, and can help you take back your own life.

i mustered up the words ‘good luck’ before exiting the train. i don’t know if anything had ever affected me like that in my adult life. he had no idea that he just helped me more than i could express.

now whatever you believe, whatever your religion, lack of, if it’s karma, or a higher being, a flying spaghetti monster, energy, vibes, crystals--there is something in this universe that is bigger than ourselves. for me that was vividly shown on that day. did the sky fall and open up and sun beams come down and angels start flying around me? obviously no. did i get something incredible out of that experience right away? no. i realized that within myself, i had a whole hell of a lot more to give and to share. i learned that i could help someone even if i didn't have a dollar to spare or a sandwich to offer. i found out that we all posses this outstanding ability to help one another and we need nothing to do so. you always have your words.

this is the season of giving and it fuels everyone to do something extra without getting anything in return. it helps us get in the mood to continue this throughout the next year but this isn’t the only time we need to remember this concept. around the holidays isn’t the only time we should be using our words, as gifts.

this should be all the time.

the #WordsAreFree concept is using words that we take for granted and turning them into something good. spreading those words to people who might be in need of some inspiration, who are in an unfortunate financial situation, someone who had a bad day, week, month, or year. we have no idea what kind of battle each person is facing on a daily basis, but we do know that simple words and phrases can connect with each of us on some level.

this holiday season i am challenging you to use your words and to inspire others. to give a gift that, although costs you nothing, has an immeasurable impact. for this project, there will be three biodegradable cards with different encouraging phrases on them, that will start to be handed out in new york. i have no idea what this could be or will turn into, but im happy with making just one person’s day a little bit better.

let me know if you’re interested in hearing more or if you’re doing anything a little extra this season that others can get involved with!

off to drink some hot cocoa while we get our first snowfall-